Routecrafter’s Post on Body Tension

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I am so glad that JF, the author of the Routecrafter blog, posted in the comments on this blog because that allowed me to find his blog. I really enjoy his thoughtful analysis of the topics he writes about. I wish there were more blogs like it. Here is a link to a post from Oct. 8 that I just saw. He picks up the discussion we’ve been having here and addresses it from a course setters perspective.  I think this would be a good read for anyone who competes.  Enjoy.

Route Setting Tips and Techniques: Defining Body Tension

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  1. Eva LópezNo Gravatar says:

    Douglas and “Routecrafter”, thank you both for your ideas and your vision about this topic. Interestingly “Body tension” is a term which is so fashionable these days, but at the same time, nobody knows really what it is. Building on your vision, I will try to reflect on how this ability can be trained effectively. I really enjoy your blogs and your insights ;-) Keep up the good work

  2. DouglasNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks Eva! Right back at ya!

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