Interview with Dr. Don Reagan Part 3

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In the final segment we start with a discussion of  the basics of program design and concludes with why icing is good even if you are not injured. Enjoy.


Don Reagan Part 3 – YouTube

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  1. DKNo Gravatar says:

    Any thoughts on how icing after climbing may end up effecting the speed and duration of the healing and tissue repair processes? Is inflammation always bad? Why would it be a good thing to interfere with your body’s natural response to tissue injuries and stresses?

  2. DKNo Gravatar says:

    No? No thoughts?

  3. Douglas HunterNo Gravatar says:

    Sorry, we don’t always respond in a timely matter around here. Your question really deserves a medical answer which I can’t provide, so I am seeing of Dr. Reagan will respond. I think there are a couple of components to the answer such as the body doing too much inflammation, and what happens when athletes practice or perform with inflammation.

  4. Don ReaganNo Gravatar says:

    It depends…the application of any modality comes down to your rationale and its effect on your body. Your performance during your next session post modality will ultimately be the measure of success. The human body is highly adaptable and steady controlled successive stimulus elicits improvement in performance. If poor recovery or overtraining keeps you from functioning the next day at work or climbing well when you want to, than that is when I suggest you explore your options. I recommend cryotherapy for analgesia and desensitization (hands). Find out what things help your body and mind to regenerate faster so that you can get better at your sport!

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