Redpoint is available

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Our latest book Redpoint: The Self-Coached Climber’s Guide to Redpoint and On-Sight Climbing has been released and is available for purchase. What’s is about, you ask?

We help climbers learn routes faster and with less effort so they can send in less time.

We lay out the process of learning and memorizing sequences, rests, and movement nuance faster so you can send harder routes in less time using less effort. There’s also an on-sight performance section in which we help climbers read routes from afar and tips on applying the process to bouldering. Plus the physical conditioning and emotional response elements pertinent to each type of climbing.

Visit our store to get your copy!

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  1. hilary silbermanNo Gravatar says:

    doug this is so exciting!! congrats.

  2. Douglas HunterNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks Hilary! Its great that you stopped by. Lets get together in SLC when Dan and I are in SLC for the OR show in Jan.
    Hope you are doing great!

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